Get Uncomfortable

When was the last time you tried something new? These past few months have been filled with opportunities to grow all because I decided to take one step out of my comfort zone. My first 15K race last weekend left me hungry for another challenge. After a week of rest, I decided to venture into the world of trail running…and I was terrified!

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

How can you NOT want to try trail running with this view?!

This past Saturday I participated in the 6th Annual Salomon Summer Solstice Day of Trail Running. The event ran from sun-up to sun-down with approximate 10K (more like 13K!) laps on the Sunnybrook Park Trails.

I was intimidated by all the experienced trail runners who had already completed several laps earlier that day. However, the group was extremely welcoming and assured me there was nothing to worry about.

The lap 5 crew ready to hit the trails. Can you tell who ran 4 laps before this? Me neither! Pros, I tell you!

We hiked up steep hills, ran through mud puddles, hopped over logs…and tripped over little tree stumps. The scenery was gorgeous, but I quickly learned that trail running requires much more focus than my usual road running.

NOTE TO SELF: Never try to run on a trail and take photos at the same time.

My first trail run experience was a true test – not only physically but mentally. I woke up that morning with that voice inside my head telling me to stay inside my comfort zone, but at the end of the day I’m glad I went for it. I have an awesome workout buddy to partially thank for that! The only bad thing about trail running? Mosquito bites. It may be a bit more than just a walk in the park, but it is something I definitely see myself doing again. If you’re a runner and looking to change up your training, trail running is definitely the way to go!

Do you live inside your comfort zone? Is there a new workout class, food, or activity you’ve been dying to try, but haven’t gotten around to yet? Let’s chat about it in the comments.

I dare you to MOVE out of your comfort zone this week – one step is all it takes!

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