Why You Should Keep A Journal

Welcome to the first instalment of #SelfCareSunday! As we grow older our lives only get more busy. Our plates pile high with responsibilities, bills to pay, and meetings to attend. Gross. It seems as 24 hours isn’t enough anymore. As important as it is to give it your all at work or at school, it’s equally important to slow down and give yourself some “me” time.

There is too much STRESS in the world and not enough SELF CARE. Let’s change that.

Today let’s talk about keeping a journal. It may seem like a dorky “dear diary” situation reminiscent of your middle school years but trust me, this is different. We’re not talking scribbling the name of our crush and doodling hearts. This is some real grown up shiz.

What does writing in a book have anything to do with taking care of yourself?

Sometimes we just have no idea why we’re feeling a certain way or why we’re bothered/stressed by something. At least we think we have no idea…but deep down we do. And we just let these emotions eat at us without doing a thing about it. Writing our thoughts down can actually help us tackle the root cause of our (unnecessary) stress right then and there. And who doesn’t want a stress reliever?!

If your mind conveniently begins to race once your head hits the pillow at night, keeping a journal can fix that. If you sometimes feel like you don’t have someone to talk to or you feel like someone just “won’t understand”, keeping a journal can fix that. If you’re just having a bad day and need to get something off your chest (without writing a strong-worded Facebook status or tweet for the whole world to see), keeping a journal can fix that.

It’s kind of like a support group…for one. No fear of judgement because it’s for your eyes and your eyes only.

2016-10-23 10.16.39 1.jpg

It doesn’t necessarily need to be just a “problem solver”. It can be a great tool to keep track of your goals or your personal development. It can be used to preserve the treasured experiences in your life. How cool would it be to look back a year from now and see how much you have changed? You can flip through a few pages and be instantly transported back to a happy moment.

In my personal experience, keeping a journal (on and off) for the past 3-4 years has helped me immensely in both the problem solving and personal development departments. It has helped me identify the true sources of happiness (and unhappiness) in my life. It has helped me through my highest of highs and my lowest of lows. It has helped me turn “someday” into “today”. I feel less stressed and more in tune with myself. Overall, journalling has brought me so much mental clarity and peace of mind.

When I put pen to paper I don’t hold back. All the raw and real thoughts come bubbling up to the surface. It’s great to confide in someone you trust, but there is great power in being able to confide in yourself.

I don’t even really know how or why I started a journal, but I can’t say I regret it. I can’t tell you exactly how to do it or what to write about, but it goes a little something like this:

2016-10-23 10.16.41 1.jpg

Step 1: Buy a cute notebook. The cutest one you can find. Or a plain one – whatever floats your boat. You can even use the notes in your phone, but I personally love the novelty of putting pen to paper.

Step 2: WRITE! Write what you’re feeling, or what you’re not. Write about your day or what you want your ideal day to be like. List your accomplishments and your goals. Make a to-do list. It doesn’t matter, just write. Let it all out. Maybe you’ll only write a couple of lines, but before you know it you’ll be writing a couple pages.

Take some time this week to focus on you. You are important and you are enough.

xo Jocelynne

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10 thoughts on “Why You Should Keep A Journal

  1. yesssss excited for this series! With so much going on, everyone always stresses about how they don’t have “time.” But taking time for yourself is extremely important, and writing is definitely one of the easier ways to do so!


  2. I love this! I’ve always found writing when I’m upset or going through a difficult situation to be truly helpful. It always helps me lay everything out to better understand the situation and to see how I can be handle it. Great post!


  3. Keeping a journal is so important. I always try to write down what I’m feeling and find it so cathartic. It’s just about the only way to clear my mind!


  4. I really love your creativity and how your thoughts about journaling flowed. Very pleasing to read about and it somehow, due to the enthusiasm you showed, makes me motivated to start journalling


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