BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich

It took me more than a year to transition to a completely plant-based diet. One thing that really helped me transition gradually was doing Meatless Monday every week. Meatless Monday is basically a concept where once a week (it doesn’t have to be Monday, but it’s a great day for a ‘fresh start’) you eat meatless meals all day long. This is great for starters who are just feeling out the plant-based lifestyle and are still fairly new to meatless cooking. When people think of meatless, they automatically think of rice and beans or bland tofu. Well think again, my friends. For the entire month of January (or Veganuary for those of you trying out vegan for the month of January) I’ll be sharing recipes that are not only flavourful, but easy to make. Meatless Monday will slowly become your favourite day of the week.

This week, we’re starting off with a pulled jackfruit sandwich. Jackfruit is an absolutely magical fruit. It can grow up to the size of a small human – I’m not joking, google it right now.  If you’re ever lucky enough to get your hands on fresh jackfruit, you MUST try it. When ripe, it tastes just like juicy fruit gum. The seeds are also edible once cooked, and taste similar to  beans.

It’s funny because I was never a fan of real pulled pork sandwiches, but I could eat pulled jackfruit sandwiches all day everyday. This is the vegan version of a pulled pork sandwich. The taste and texture are spot-on, all thanks to the magical qualities of young jackfruit. It has a stringy texture, very similar to shredded pork. It perfectly soaks up whatever sauces and spices you cook it in. Paired with avocado and creamy egg-free and dairy-free coleslaw, you can actually fool your friends and family into thinking this sandwich came from a restaurant. No matter if you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian, or vegan…you will LOVE this sandwich.

Pulled Jackfruit Sandwiches with Creamy Vegan Coleslaw · [makes 2]

For the dressing, mix together 3 heaped tablespoons of vegan mayo, a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of maple syrup, and a splash of brine from a jar of jalapeños (optional).

Slice 1/4 of a small head of red cabbage into thin strips and toss with the dressing. It tastes better the longer it sits in the fridge so make this the night/morning before, or before you start cooking your jackfruit.

1 can young jackfruit in water (not in syrup!)
chili powder
black pepper
salt (if needed)
BBQ sauce
cooking oil

Drain and rinse the jackfruit. Pat dry with paper towel or a tea towel and sprinkle with chili powder and cumin – the amount of seasonings you use is up to you but keep in mind we’ll be adding bbq sauce later on.

Heat a frying pan on medium, and in about a teaspoon of your choice of cooking oil, cook the jackfruit about 5 minutes per side. Remove from the pan and allow to cool a little before you shred it with your hands or a fork. Return to the pan and add about 1/2 cup of bbq sauce. Allow to cook for another 5 minutes until the sauce begins to caramelize a little. Add salt and black pepper if needed.

Toast your favourite bread and top with the jackfruit, coleslaw, ripe avocado slices, and jalapeños if you like it extra hot.

As always, if you enjoyed this recipe and decide to make it I’d love to see your creations on Instagram!

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11 thoughts on “BBQ Pulled Jackfruit

  1. This sounds so easy and delish and OMG YOUR PICS THOOO wowowooww. Is it easy to find canned jackfruit? I feel like I’ve never seen it before but maybe it’s because I wasn’t looking for it…


    1. Haha thank you!! I hope you try it out I think you’d love it! I found canned jackfruit at the health food store I work at, but I’m sure you’d be able to find it either at Whole Foods or an Asian grocery store 🙂


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