Running on Plants: Pre-Workout Eats

But first, coffee Matcha.

*This post is sponsored by Amoda Tea. Recipe and all opinions are my own.

The best mornings start with a cup of Matcha. I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker – I love the taste, but something about it drives me up the wall (literally). For the past…forever, it seems, I’ve been reaching for Matcha when I’m in need of that a.m energy boost. The caffeine is released more slowly, which prevents that horrible caffeine crash later on in the day. Lately, Matcha has been sneaking its way into all my recipes giving a gorgeous green hue, subtle green tea flavour, and superfood nutrition.

Matcha Superfood Bliss Balls // Matcha Coconut Pancakes

I’m not one to use conventional pre-workout supplements, especially after hearing horror stories of people getting the shakes or the tingles. Whole-food and natural pre-workout bites have always been my favourites. When it comes to fuelling before a workout, it’s all about timing so that you don’t feel weighed down by your fuel.


Quick-digesting foods with a low fibre content that will give you a dose of carbohydrates for energy is what you’re after. Hydrating beforehand is just as important as sipping on water during and after your training session.

Try eating a couple of medjool dates or a half to one banana about 30 minutes before you start. On the rare occasion that I’m training early morning, I’m not normally as hungry so I either opt for half a banana or a matcha shot.

M A T C H A  F U E L   S H O T
– Shake/stir one tablespoon of Amoda Matcha Fuel with about 2oz of cold-pressed juice or water. Take 15-20 minutes before your training session.

• • •


Oatmeal has been my favourite pre-run meal since, forever. The slow-release energy sustains me through races or longer, slower paced runs. It’s quick to prepare and can even be made the night before for a grab & go option. Typically I’ll opt for oatmeal the morning of a longer run, or if I have at least an hour before my training session begins.

M A T C H A   F U E L   O V E R N I G H T   O A T S
Combine all ingredients in a mason jar and soak in the fridge overnight:
– 1/2 cup rolled oats
– 3/4 cup plant-based milk
– 1 teaspoon Amoda Matcha Fuel Blend

The Amoda Matcha Fuel blend not only carries the energy-boosting benefits of Matcha, but has an extra kick from superfood powders like Maca and Spirulina. Both Maca and Spirulina are favourites among the wellness community. Maca is a popular adaptogen (stress & hormone balancing) and is said to control energy levels. Spirulina is known to decrease the time to fatigue during a workout session. Read more about Spirulina over at the Amoda Tea Blog Power of Plants series.

Do you prefer the regular pre-workout supplements, or are you all about the natural plant-based fuel?



13 thoughts on “Running on Plants: Pre-Workout Eats

  1. @destinyseng love your blog, and all the marble!!! Never thought that you could do so much with matcha, and these recipes are a must try😍


  2. I like both supplements and natural fuels! Matcha I just like for the taste, all the great nutrition stuff comes after~ @technologicalromance


  3. This was beautifully written and informative! I love the creative ways you use matcha, and I am definitely always looking for natural plant-based fuel. IG: @_fitgirl_elise


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