The Natural Skincare Routine That Changed My Life

It took me nearly 12 years to find a skincare routine that actually works for me. My pre-teen and teen years were rough: I always broke out in the WORST SPOT – on the tip of nose. Not only was it embarrassing, but it also left some scars (physical and emotional hahahaha).

The most important lesson I learned for my skin type is to keep it simple and don’t overdo it. Minimal and easy to identify ingredients are KEY.

Obviously there are so many different factors that go into the way our skin looks; diet, climate, location, the amount of makeup you wear, how much water you drink, how often we change our pillowcase…etc.


M Y   S K I N   T Y P E — My skin type changes with the seasons. During the colder months, my skin is pretty normal but gets extremely dry especially on my cheeks. In the summer, my skin is more forgiving and feels a little more normal and hydrated. My skin is also very sensitive, hence why natural skincare has changed my life.

B R E A K O U T S  — I break out once (maybe twice) a month, mostly on my t-zone with the occasional cheek blemish. Breakouts are small but sometimes I get those annoying cystic bumps on my chin. My skin scars VERY easily and I used to have a lot of redness and uneven texture on my cheeks.

*What works for me may not work for you, as everyone has different skin types and reacts differently to products.

T H E   R O U T I N E  ( S P R I N G  / /  S U M M E R )

Firstly, I have been drinking  a lot more water to help with headaches. While it has definitely helped my skin a lot, it’s just the cherry on top. The biggest mistakes I ever made were: using the wrong products, and over-cleansing. Cleansers with bursting beads, apricot scrubs, egg whites as a face mask…you name it, I’ve tried it ALL.

The main things I have noticed after starting this routine:
– breakouts are less frequent, less intense, and heal a lot faster
– cheek redness has gone down significantly
– my skin tone has evened out
– overall skin texture is SOFT & SMOOTH AF
– overall I just feel like my skin is more “glowy”



pictured: saje charcoal konjac sponge + andalou tea tree clarifying konjac sponge
P R O D U C T S : konjac sponge + black soap
P R I C E   R A N G E : $ (No more than $12 CAD)

I wear makeup once a week, if at all. Mostly because it’s summer and sweat + makeup = nah. With that being said, I only wash my face at night which I know sounds gross to some of you but HEAR ME OUT. Our skin produces natural oils that get stripped away when we cleanse, and when we strip those oils too much, that’s when things go out of whack. If my skin doesn’t feel super dirty/sweaty after a no-makeup day, sometimes I’ll just use the sponge without the soap.

If I wake up and find that I was sweating buckets throughout the night, then I’ll wash my face in the morning.


A konjac sponge is made from the fibres of the konjac plant, and is sometimes infused with things like activated charcoal, tea tree, or other essential oils. When dry, the sponge is hard as a rock, softens after soaking in warm water for a few minutes. Since using a konjac sponge daily, my skin feels more soft and smooth.

I don’t *love* using black soap on my face but I haven’t had a problem with it. Currently testing out other cleansers, but if you have recommendations then please let me know.

M A S K  / /  E X F O L I A T E


P R O D U C T S : Elore Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask (Unscented; literally the only ingredient is dead sea mud) //
Skin Essence Facial In A Jar (7 ingredients, all recognizable: oats, marshmallow root, jasmine flowers, kaolin clay, stevia leaf, corn meal, green tea extract)
P R I C E   R A N G E : $$ ($20-35 CAD)

Once or twice a week, I’ll exfoliate/throw on a face mask after I cleanse. DO NOTTTTTT!!! use a coffee scrub on your face! It’s too harsh and can actually make very tiny cuts on your face.

As I mentioned before, I have sensitive skin. The Elore Mud Mask comes in a regular unscented and a sensitive (aloe) version. Surprisingly, I found that the sensitive one burned my face so I stick to the regular one.

P.S. – If a product is burning your face, that doesn’t  mean it’s “working”, it means you should drop it and run in the other direction.


The Skin Essence Facial in a Jar is a new find for me, but I couldn’t not include it. Seriously, my face was SO SMOOTH after I used it, I couldn’t believe it. Plus, Skin Essence is a Toronto-based company and the ingredients are super clean and organic. Win-win.



P R O D U C T:  Evan Healy Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum BLUE (for sensitive skin; rosehip oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, blue chamomile oil, carrot oil, immortelle oil, vitamin e)
P R I C E   R A N G E : $$ (~$45 CAD)

After cleansing and/or exfoliating, I apply two pumps of serum while my skin is still slightly damp and then gently pat off the excess with a clean towel.

I used to freak out about putting oils on my face, thinking it would make my skin a greasy mess. Even though the serum is oil based, my skin doesn’t feel oily afterwards AT ALL. In fact, the oiliness has gone down and balanced out since I’ve been using this stuff. Rosehip and immortelle work WONDERS for scarring/pigmentation.

B L E M I S H   T R E A T M E N T


P R O D U C T S : jojoba oil + Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil
P R I C E   R A N G E : $ ($10-15 CAD)

Now, when I do get breakouts, I treat them nicely. I used to apply spot treatments multiple times a day, pick at them, over-cleanse…basically I did everything that you shouldn’t do which is probably why I ended up with a lot of scars.

After cleansing and moisturizing, I’ll apply a little bit of tea tree oil mixed with jojoba oil to any blemishes. Tea tree oil works wonders as an anti-bacterial.



P R O D U C T : Saje Rose Hydrating Euphoric Mist (water, rosa damascena flower oil)
P R I C E   R A N G E : $ ($15 CAD)

On a particularly hot day or when I just feel like I need a refresher, I love to spritz the Saje rose hydrating mist on my face and even all over my body.  Some days I love to apply this before my serum/moisturizer. It’s a great natural perfume as well!

Thanks for reading! It was a long one, but I hope you found it helpful. Have you tried any of these products, or know of anything else I might love? Let me know!

xo, J.F

7 thoughts on “The Natural Skincare Routine That Changed My Life

  1. So I particularly appreciated reading this post as a nearly 30 year old and past sufferer of cystic acne. I am pretty gung ho about trying some of these products. I would recommend ROC sensitive night cream. My skin looked so fresh and even when I used it.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! If you do end up trying some of these things, I hope they work for you. They’re all fairly inexpensive which is a plus, compared to “high end” skincare which is full of who knows what.


  2. This was a timely read ans I recently relocated and my skin has been a mess. I have been an avid fan of tea tree oil and that has been helping but I partly feel a lot has to do with the foods I have been eating so I’m trying to do an elimination diet, hopefully I figure out the culprit soon


  3. This post is super informative! Especially for someone like me. I’m still trying to figure my skin out. I’ve tried numerous of products and I love the fact you pointed out those sponges. I’ll really have to try those!


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