Wellness Essentials For Travel + GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

I’m currently en route to NYC for a weekend – the fifth trip I’ve taken out of Toronto in the past 7 months and the most I’ve travelled…ever. Aside from the basics, these are the things that I noticed always find their way into my luggage.


Long layovers and unexpected delays suck. Always be prepared, because being hangry just makes everything seem 10x worse.

Take a deep breath. Inhale snacks, exhale hanger.

RECIPES: chocolate orange // matcha

Larabars, popcorn, apples with single-serve almond butter packets, Go Macro Bars (I only like the banana almond though), and homemade bliss balls are some of my faves to pack. Stick to things that don’t need to be in the fridge (duh).


I don’t know what feels worse – dirty hands or rough, dry hands. Hand cream is a daily essential in my purse, and I definitely can’t be without it if I know I won’t be home for a few days. I keep it simple with raw shea butter.


I like the S’well bottle because it comes in cute colours/patterns, is pretty much indestructible, and legit keeps your drink hot or cold for over 12 hours. Store-bought bottled water is overrated.


Because sometimes your period can be as unpredictable as a flight delay. Menstrual cups are really great for travel because you don’t need to worry about leakages, finding a restroom every few hours, or packing a bunch of pads/tampons. Seriously, this thing is a period game changer and is WORTH. EVERY. PENNY.


If you know me, you know my life essentially (haha) revolves around essential oils. I use them on my face and body, all over my home, and as a natural healing tool when I’m not feeling my best.  Not feeling well while you’re on a trip is the worst, so I always pack my Saje stash.

SLEEP WELL BLEND// If you’re one of those lucky people who can fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow…PLEASE tell me your secrets. My sleeping patterns are horrible and are even worse when I travel. This blend is loaded with relaxing ingredients like lavender, chamomile, and valerian (aka nature’s sleeping pill).

The Pocket Farmacy from Saje is a cute passport-sized pouch with 5 essential oil blends that work amazing for everyday wellness, but especially come in handy for travel:

PEPPERMINT HALO// aka BAE. I get chronic migraines and never want to be without a remedy if one hits while I’m away from home. It was actually the first individual product I ever tried from Saje and I’ve had to replace it about 3 times since I got the Pocket Farmacy.

IMMUNE// perfect to roll on pre-flight/bus/train or when you feel like you’re coming down with something.

EATER’S DIGEST// supports healthy digestion and eases stomach discomfort because let’s be real, travelling = LOTS of food that probably isn’t the best for you.

STRESS RELEASE// for if you’re stuck in a delay and need a moment to be zen AF. I also like to combine this with the Sleep Well blend to wind down before bedtime.

PAIN RELEASE// sore neck from sleeping in an awkward position on the plane? Pain release + peppermint halo is a legendary combo. It’s like icy hot but waaaay better with cleaner ingredients.

I’ll be giving away a Pocket Farmacy to ONE lucky reader! In order to be eligible, you must live Canada or USA. Be sure to check out my Instagram post for the rules. Giveaway closes at 12:00 PM EST on Tuesday, October 3, 2017. Good luck!


*The giveaway portion of this post is sponsored by Saje Wellness. All opinions are my own.

26 thoughts on “Wellness Essentials For Travel + GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

  1. I am love with your spirit, and your soul 💗 you are continuously changing my perspectives and lifestyle, positively, by teaching me so much about how to take care of myself, physically and mentally.. THANK YOU!!


  2. You honestly can’t go wrong with snacks, swell, the diva cup (many praises) and saje essential oils (I keep their remedy bar on my desk and bed side table). Every thing you mentioned I can only agree with, nod my head and say “yes”.

    So happy you are collaborating with saje. Their products have changed my life, and improved my wellness (mentally and physically).


  3. Super proud of you and all you’ve accomplished with your blog! Happy to see you following your dreams!
    Saje products are life!! 🙂



  4. I’ve been considering getting a diva cup and this post just sold me on it 🙂 love keeping up with you and your blog! @maria.nestorovska


  5. Obsessed with everything you listed, totally my go-to travel essentials as well! I swear by the Diva Cup – have been trying to get every woman I know using it…honestly the best things ever. All hail Peppermint Halo!!!


  6. Hey! @sujinaegi here, from Instagram! I love your travel essentials! I just stopped by Saje last week when I had an AWFUL headache, I tried out their Pep Halo… And you are 100% right in calling BAE!! My headache was instantly soothed. Have fun in NY! Love following all your updates.


  7. Came across your blog when I was looking at Saje’s Instagram page! I am a huge traveller and this post helped to give me some ideas for what to carry on me during my next trip! I absolutely love peppermint halo as well! I entered the contest and hope I’ll be able to try the other rollers! @morg_brown


  8. I love how well rounded this post is on all aspects of managing balance in travel. Mental health is so vital to protect and essential oils are just one self-care act for doing so. Also this is definitely a reminder to go pick up this Diva cup once and for all! 🙂 @izzyhodess


  9. So happy you had the chance to go to NYC! Just watched your ig story and thinking how CRAZY it is that we meet people from all over the globe through a little app. Thank you for inspiring me to meet new people and step outside my comfort zone 💞✨


  10. Loved your insta-story while in NYC, the world needs more postivity & gratitude! Love reading your posts and following your journey, safe travels! Xo


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