A Conversation On Aura Photography

Last week, I had my aura photographed. Partly because I wanted the cool photo, but also because I was curious to see if it would match up with my own perspective on my life right now…and for the most part it did. While I do believe in spiritual energy, I am not an expert on this subject and am certainly not devoted to one specific way of thinking.


The aura camera was developed in the 1970’s and the technology hasn’t changed much since then. You sit down in front of the camera, school picture day style, and place your hands on two blocks with metal pads in the shape of hands. You sit still for about 20 seconds while your photo is taken with a long exposure.

the setup.

The photo came out kind of like a polaroid, except it had some sort of sheet over it. After a couple of minutes we pulled the sheet off to reveal the actual photo and dived straight into the reading.


Before and after going to my session, I did some research and came across a few methods of interpretation which were all slightly different. I’ve explored the chakras and their meaning myself many times before, so going into this experience I already had an idea of what I thought my aura would be like.

LEFT • my past two weeks.

dark red (overactive root chakra) : Stressed, tired, overworked. Considering I had a nonstop crazy week prior, had just gotten back to the city from NYC that same morning after a 12 hour bus ride (and little sleep), this wasn’t very surprising.

RIGHT  my next two weeks

yellow (solar plexus chakra) : the chakra related to energy, optimism, and having a bright disposition. I found this interesting because I have been feeling a HUGE increase in my mood, energy, and just overall have been feeling food about everything. I made a post about this here.

ABOVE MY HEART • currently

orange (sacral plexus chakra) : the chakra related to creativity, sexuality, and confidence. Enough said. I’ve been harnessing a lot more creativity nowadays, and it is definitely one of my top priorities. Creating content on this blog and on instagram is a creative outlet for me outside of my day job, and it’s something I hold so so so close to my heart.

ABOVE MY HEAD • overall energy

violet (crown chakra) : the colour reaches almost the top of the page and spans the entire width. This means I am open to spirituality and the divine, and have high spiritual energy.

BLOCKED CHAKRAS (missing colours) //

indigo (third eye chakra) : I suffer from chronic migraines, and this apparently is a sign of third eye blockage. Massaging my third eye (the area between my eyebrows) actually brings a little bit of relief! HmmmVeeeery eeeenteresting.

blue (throat chakra) : every time I’ve explored the chakras, I’ve always drawn the conclusion that my throat chakra is blocked, and I’m really not surprised that it was mentioned during my reading. As a shy introvert speaking is not my forte; I’m not one to initiate a conversation unless I’m comfortable and I have trouble clearly expressing my thoughts verbally. This is something I’m continuously working on.

green (heart chakra) : this is another conclusion I’ve drawn on my own before, and probably the hardest for me to accept.

Physically, I tend to curve inward and round my shoulders and don’t have very good mobility in my upper body – so doing lots of baby back bends in my yoga practice is helping!

Emotionally, anxiety has definitely played a role among with other things that are a little difficult to speak about (right now.) I feel like consistent journalling and practicing self-care has definitely helped a lot with this though.

I’m still slightly skeptical but would be open to getting another reading a few months from now to see what (if anything) has changed. Like reading your horoscope or getting a palm reading I personally feel that an aura photograph shouldn’t be what governs your life and the way you make your decisions, but it can be used as a stepping stone.

Have you ever gotten your aura photographed or would you be open to trying it?

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