Thoughts on My Relationship (with social media)

When your relationship with social media comes first, your other relationships suffer. For us millennials especially, this can be really hard to navigate or to even realize.


I can’t really remember life without social media — I think I made my first social media account before the age of 10. More than half of my life has been consumed by some form of digital platform, and there’s no sign of this relationship coming to an end anytime soon. I tried the fashion blogger thing in high school. I tried the fitness blogger thing in college. I tried the food blogger thing last year. Now here I am doing this thing…whatever this is.


To be known as the friend who makes everyone wait when the food comes to the table became slightly unnerving for me. Seeing other people at other tables with their heads down and illuminated by screens scared me even more. Is this really what I look(ed) like during a meal?

The day we got a computer with an internet connection in our home was the day I stopped sitting at the dinner table with my family.

And it breaks my heart a little to even say it. Sharing a meal with someone I care about is something I’ve learned not to take lightly. Most times I don’t even think about reaching for my phone during a meal with friends. Other days, I’m still fighting that urge. For once I don’t want to be that person.


This photo looks nice. But it’s a little different than what I’d normally post. Better play it safe. Post this photo at this time; I know it’ll get tons of engagement.

This mindset killed my creativity and made something I loved doing turned into the most boring, lifeless task I could ever do.


Post everyday or else you’ll lose followers. Cause yourself unnecessary stress. Apologize if you miss a day.

It became so mentally taxing and I started to question why I was doing this to myself. Taking a few days or even weeks off from posting is the best thing I’ve ever done for this ‘relationship.’ The truth is, people don’t really notice if you’re gone. They’re too busy living their own lives and probably stressing about what they should post next.


All engagement isn’t created equal. The best thing about being a little uncomfortable and stepping out of my creative safe zone is the real feedback and conversations that come out of it.


Why am I doing this in the first place? Why do I feel the need to share this, right at this moment? Is sharing this more important than what I’m doing right now?

Ask more questions. Be uncomfortable. And put your damn phone down.


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