Holiday Wellness Gift Guide 2017

Though I’m not the most festive person, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a few gift ideas this holiday season. This year, conscious consumption has been a huge part of cultivating my own wellness, so I wanted to share a short list of wellness products from some of my favourite Canadian & small businesses. The holidays should be centred around re-connecting with ourselves and the people around us, but there’s no denying that it is nice to give and receive gifts. By supporting local and smaller brands, it’s like you’re giving two gifts in one and it makes gift-giving that much more special.


Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season to unplug & re-connect.

Saje Unplug to Connect

This Saje ‘Unplug to Connect’ is the ultimate way to bring people together during the holiday season and is a nice change from your typical board and card games. It comes with the most beautiful essential oil diffuser powered by nothing but a tea light, and 100 questions to get a good conversation going. No phones allowed!

ALWAYSxALWAYS Palm Leaf Print Yoga Mat & Journal

Both of these things have been a staple in my own wellness routine. Any old journal or yoga mat will do if you’re craving a mindful moment, but sometimes having a beautiful yoga mat (or workout clothes) does add a little more pep on those days where you feel like just being a potato. Just as functional as it is beautiful, the ALWAYSxALWAYS yoga mat has a non-slip surface which actually gets better the sweatier your workout sesh gets!

The Five Minute Journal

“Dear Diary,” not your style? The Five Minute Journal is for people who don’t like to journal. It’s so quick and easy to use, and is a great way to extend that holiday feeling of gratitude into the rest of the year.


Who needs a spa when there’s #SelfCareSunday?


Leaves of Trees Coffee Argan Scrub | Pink Grapefruit Argan Lotion | Lavender Argan Butter

Handmade in small batches right here in Toronto, these Leaves of Trees products are the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. Give your skin a little TLC with their coffee scrub, and combat winter dry skin with their luxurious body lotions and butters loaded with nourishing argan oil.

Cardea AuSet Noire Charcoal Face Mask | Calm Essential Oil Mist | Mushroom Tote

The Cardea AuSet mask and mist are the perfect thing to bundle with body scrubs and butters to create the ultimate home spa set. Set the relaxing tone with the calming essential oil mist, and sit back with the detoxifying charcoal and clay mask. Say hello to beautiful, soft, smooth skin!


Saje Lights Out AromaGem Diffuser Set

Doubling as a humidifier, this sleek Saje diffuser is guaranteed to add a beautiful touch of wellness to any space. Breathe in a relaxing scent before bed with the Unwind or Tranquility blends, or start your day with an uplifting blend like Liquid Sunshine.

Dahlia & Sons / The Cure Apothecary Turkish Towel | Palo Santo

If you’ve never used a Turkish Towel before…run, don’t walk. They’re super soft, highly absorbent, and just get better with age. The Dahlia and Sons range comes in a handful of beautiful colours and are far more aesthetically pleasing than regular old bath towels, and double as a cute throw for your space. Bundle it with some Palo Santo and give the gift of comfy, cozy, good vibes.


Because the fastest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.

The Greenhouse Cookbook (Greenhouse Juice)

Greenhouse Juice serves up refreshing cold-pressed juices and delicious bites all over Toronto. They recently just launched their own cookbook and not only are the recipes super nourishing and easy to make, but the photography is just STUNNING. It’s the perfect gift for the health foodie in your life, but it also doubles as a gorgeous coffee table book.


Amoda Tea Ceremonial Matcha

Matcha. Do I even need to say anymore? Gracing every Instagram feed in 2017, matcha has become the new coffee. Full of antioxidants and a caffeine kick, it won’t leave you crashing by 3pm. This stuff can get a little pricey, and not all matchas are equal! I’ve tried many a matcha, and always end up going back to Amoda. They carefully source theirs from Uji, Japan .

Dans Le Sac Zero Waste Kit | Lunch Essential

This Montreal-based company is making the zero-waste lifestyle cool and accessible. Their Zero-Waste kit comes with all the basic tools you need to start ditching plastic during your weekly grocery shop; 1 bread bag, two small bulk bags, and a large bulk bag. Their bulk bags can also be used as plant milk bags if you’re inclined to make your own. The Lunch Essential comes with THE CUTEST wooden spork and a re-useable napkin. I’m also a fan of their baguette bag which for a long time I used as a yoga mat bag.

Oatbox Holiday Classic Box

Instead of a box of sugar cookies, why not gift some granola this year? Handmade in Montreal, the Oatbox granola (with gluten free options!) comes in delicious flavours like Dark Chocolate Pineapple and Gingerbread Cranberry. The classic box comes with a cute re-useable glass jar which pairs perfectly with the Dans Le Sac wooden spork for a grab & go zero-waste breakfast. Not only that, but for every subscription box purchase, Oatbox donates a complete breakfast to a child in need. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.


I couldn’t just blab on and on about what to buy for the holiday season without giving YOU something in return. In the spirit of gift giving season, I’ve partnered with my favourite brands to give 9 lucky readers a little something. All you need to do is follow along on Instagram, and also show these brands some love on social. For 15 extra entries, make sure you’ve followed the giveaway instructions on instagram, that you’re subscribed to this blog and leave a comment below about your favourite holiday tradition. Don’t forget to mention your instagram username in the comment as well! Good luck!

ALWAYSxALWAYS // Oatbox // Saje // Amoda // Dans Le Sac // Leaves of Trees // Cardea AuSet // The Cure Apothecary + Dahlia & Sons

Happy Holidays! xx Jocelynne

66 thoughts on “Holiday Wellness Gift Guide 2017

  1. Wow Jocelynne! This guide is so up my alley. I’m glad you made an effort to find Canadian brands that are doing such great things. I was especially interested in Dans Le Sac Zero. I was recently looking at reusable grocery/bulk bags on Amazon but will definitely try to purchase these (got to support!). Anyways thanks for taking the time to write, photograph and share this gift guide. And my favourite holiday tradition is definitely opening presents at midnight with my family!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lily! The Dans Le Sac bags are super cute and I love that they’re made in Canada as well. Opening presents at midnight is so fun! Hopefully you’ll be opening some zero waste stuff this year 😉


  2. My favorite holiday tradition is listening to the Christina Aguilera christmas CD while opening gifts even though I’m not a huge fan of hers, my mom loves it. Also my neighborhood puts out luminaries on Christmas eve and it’s a beautiful sight. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My favourite Christmas tradition is opening one gift and eating Chinese food on Christmas eve with my close family. It is a nice time to unwind and enjoy the time we all have together. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This gift guide is wonderful! Everything is so practical and useful, definitely things that I look forward to gifting to others (and myself!). My favorite holiday tradition has to be watching all the cheesiest holiday movies with my husband, especially the Disney channel we grew up on. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Shazeen! Disney channel is suuuch a classic. What are your favourite ones? I really liked Once Upon A Christmas and The Ultimate Christmas Present (I think that’s what they were called haha it’s been almost 20 years)


  5. Thank you for this awesome gift guide. My Favourite Christmas tradition is baking all of my Grandmothers Christmas recipes and sharing them with my family and friends.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. One of the best gift guides I’ve seen this holiday season 🙂 it is always a difficulty giving a meaningful gift, not just one for the sake of giving. My favorite holiday tradition is watching Love Actually with my sister and simply having the family together. As an international family, it is rare that all family members are even on the same continent throughout the year so the holidays are an extra special time for us!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I think I’m going to gift a diffuser to my parents, definitely one for myself 😊 my favourite tradition is making an advent calendar for my husband (and when I’m lucky, like this year, I get one too) and then opening it until Xmas 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This year his calendar is full of socks 🧦 It’s a little bit more pricey then buying one bit so worth it (and it can make a nice Christmas decoration when I actually take the time to make it pretty 😊)

        My instagram account is @patisseriesvalerie

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  8. Reading this post made me so excited for gift giving, that I sat down and ordered a diffuser for my brother a few minutes ago!

    My favorite holiday tradition would have to be making a cloved orange to hang in he window! All you do is poke while cloves into a naval orange and hang it to dry! Not only does it smell AMAZING, but it creates no waste as it can be composted! Such a fun tradition with my family!

    Happy holidays!

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  9. I love it all! I might just have to gift the AlwaysxAlways palm yoga mat to myself….😜 also I’d say my favorite Christmas tradition is watching “A Christmas story” + getting together with my brothers & playing board games! (especially settlers of Catan 🤓)

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  10. Love this holiday gift guide list! I love how you included local handmade goods to the list #supportlocal. My favourite holiday tradition is driving to Ottawa to spend time with my family there for a few days and just unwind and catch up with them ❤ what’s your favourite holiday tradition?

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  11. Awesome gift guide! I love that they’re not the typical gifts you see on ever gift guide. My favorite holiday tradition is watching both home alones with my fiancé while eating takeout.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. My favourite Christmas tradition is to pull crackers around the dinner table with my family and then reading the jokes or riddles that were inside the crackers. Another one of my favourite traditions is to watch Home Alone or It’s a Wonderful Life! Thanks for the wonderful gift guide Jocelynne! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

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  13. My mom is in the military and is deployed for Christmas this year! So we had our very first “fake Christmas”! We often have fake Mother’s Day so we’re all together to celebrate but this year was our first fake Christmas! We woke up and opened gifts and then had a huge Christmas dinner also! It was a nice new tradition to make sure we could all be together 🙂 instagram : morg_brown

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  14. This list is great! My family is English, so while we go hard celebrating Boxing Day, our Christmas Day tradition includes waking up late, going to see a movie, and ordering Chinese takeout for dinner 😂

    my instagram is @juuuulianne


  15. Really loving your gift ideas and excited to check out a few of these places next time I’m in the area! I wanted to visit Amoda Tea when I was in Vancouver (I subscribed in their first year of opening!) but couldn’t make it 😥

    My family doesn’t really have any set traditions, but we usually go for dim sum on the holidays! It’s so tasty!

    My IG handle is technologicalromance. 🙂 Happy Holidays! Thanks for the giveaways~


  16. This is such a cheesy answer but doing the dishes after our Christmas dinner is my fav holiday tradition.

    I come from a huge Newfie family, so for the holidays, about 20-25 of us gather at my grandmothers. There’s lots of singing and dancing and instruments being played and so much EATING. We have a feast on Christmas Night that everyone contributes to in some way. It’s all amazing but there’s something super magical about having a belly full of food, being a little wine tipsy, and dancing around the kitchen with a few of the people I love the most in this world. It reminds me in such a real way my privilege in this world. I feel so humble and blessed and empathetic in those moments.

    IG is Amy_Heise btw!


  17. Hi! I love you! This gift guide is epic!
    My favourite Christmas traditions are putting up our Mexican inspired Christmas tree, drinking sorrel, whilst listening to parang! And honestly, time spent when all your loved ones get together – sounds super basic and cliché but I am so looking forward to it this Christmas!
    @wellnessbyjehanne #youalreadyknow #yourfavourite


  18. hi gal! just wanted to say that your content is always so thoughtful and your photos beyond beautiful. in terms of traditions: people in my town put out little luminaries (votive candles in white paper bags) on the stretch of curb in front of their houses. when the sun sets on christmas eve, we light them all so that wherever you drive, the road is lined with lights. it’s so so beautiful, especially when it snows!
    -camille (@herethereand)


  19. Love this gift guide and it came in handy as I’m still missing a few gifts 🎁 Thank you!

    Favourite Holiday Tradition is Baking Goodies, making them super healthy this year! Also, I would love the oat box to help me seize the day with a fuelled breakfast of oats!

    Happy Holidays!!

    IG @wholeonlife


  20. The quality of your blog posts is seriously to die for! I (and other readers) appreciate the thought and time you put into your blog posts! 🙂 ❤
    As for a holiday tradition, I like to wake up early to make my family breakfast. It is truly the most rewarding feeling to see them enjoy the food I've made!
    Love and light,
    Clover (@asprinkleofclovers)


  21. Hi:) how are you? Your blog is very pretty, informative and I’m finding really cool things that I’ve never seen before that I now want to buy!

    My favourite holiday tradition is having vegan eggnog and adding cinnamon spice on top while watching any holiday films… my favourites of course… Home Alone 2 and the Polar Express!
    Happy holidays and hope you have a wonderful new year with success and happiness!


  22. My favourite holiday tradition is having the whole family together, cook all day, and end the night off with watching a marathon of Christmas movies ♡


  23. I love all the products you shared! As for my favourite holiday tradition – I love baking, especially during the holidays. I don’t just bake for my immediate family but I also give my friends, co-workers and extended family members what I baked. I like to change it from time to time but it’ll always be some kind of a cookie.
    Happy Holidays,
    Grace (@gracia_)


  24. My favorite tradition is going out for a falafel breakfast and to an early afternoon matinee on Christmas Eve day with my boyfriend. 💘

    My Instagram handle is @jodielayne


  25. Favourite tradition is one carried on from my father; having all the kids gather at the top of the stairs while a grown up checks to make sure Santa isn’t still downstairs- the kids love the suspense.
    My IG account is p.ippi_longstocking


  26. My favourite holiday tradition is making speculaas (anyone fellow dutchies around??) cookies with my mom! Veganizing my grandmas recipe this year 🙂
    ig: @alidacane


  27. My favourite holiday tradition is receiving an ornament from somewhere my mom traveled to or just found over the year each year! One day I can decorate my own family tree with all the oranaments that are very sentimental!

    Instagram : meganhireen


  28. Fave holiday tradition is simply slowing down and spending time with family.
    There is nothing better than chilling in coordinated pj’s and cozy socks, watching holiday movies and eating allllll the snacks.




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