Updated Minimal Bullet Journal Setup 2018

I’ve been using a bullet journal for a little over a year now, and after so many ruined pages I finally found a style I like and a system that works for my lifestyle. That’s the beauty of bullet journalling – it’s there when you need it, and there aren’t any wasted pages when you don’t.

Your design is entirely up to you and can be as creative or minimal as you like. Today I’m going to share my minimal setup with you.

If you want to check out my post from last year and learn a little more about what bullet journalling actually is, click here.


— Leuchtturm 1917 A5 Dotted Hardcover in ‘Army’ (26 x 38 squares)
— MUJI Gel Ballpoint Pen 0.38 (Black Ink): I originally used the 0.5 tip but I prefer a finer point for writing. The only con about this pen is that it’s quite inky, so it can smudge if you’re not careful.
— MUJI Retractable Pen 0.5 (Grey Ink)
— MUJI 15 cm Ruler
— Faber Castel PITT Artist Brush Pen (Warm Grey III)


— It’s okay to make mistakes (see my weekly spread below)
— Only create spreads/collections that are useful to you. This takes a bit of trial and error but again, mistakes are okay!

I chose a minimal design because I don’t want it to take up too much of my time. Implementing a key has definitely helped me speed up the process, but depending on what exactly I’m jotting down in my journal, I’ll spend anywhere from 10-30 minutes. That may seem like a lot of time but in the end it actually makes my work flow more efficient.


My intentions are to have less and create more. I decided to make this the first page because this is something I’m really focusing on this year and I will see it every time I open my journal. It’s a very simple intention that’s easy to remember, but it holds a lot of meaning for me.


This is where I jot down future appointments, trips, events, etc. since I only create my monthly spreads a few days before the month begins.


I’ve implemented a key as a way to categorize everything I jot down. I also created a Master List for the entire year, which is basically a list of tasks that need to be done eventually but don’t have a specific timeline. I suppose I’ll refer back to this on the days I feel like there’s “nothing to do.”


My monthly calendar of appointments, events and work deadlines. I’ve gone through so many different designs and ended up using this one because I like how it spans across two pages. On the side I also write my monthly tasks.


My weekly schedule. As you can see I messed up the design a little but that’s okay.


I started doing this in the end of 2017 and found it to be very useful. Projects always end up being very stressful and chaotic for me, so breaking it down into approachable tasks has helped SO much.


Collections are pages that have their own theme and don’t necessarily have a set timeline or fit with the typical weekly/monthly system. They can be anywhere from budgeting, bucket lists, a list of movies you’d like to watch, etc.

For my personal bullet journal, I want my collections to reflect my intentions of have less & create more for 2018.

— Monthly Spending Habits & Savings/Debt Trackers: continuing my journey into financial wellness. I’m keeping track of my spending each month to gage where I can save more. I’m also strategizing a way to save a comfortable emergency fund (which I’ve never had before) while also saving for travel and FINALLY paying off my credit + student loan debt.
— Project Minimal & Wardrobe Staples: a little project to declutter my home and to rebuild my wardrobe with less, but higher quality pieces.
— Blog Post Ideas: a running list of posts I’d like to create this year. I’m always up for suggestions too!


Do you keep a bullet journal, or is digital planning more your style?

xo, Jocelynne

4 thoughts on “Updated Minimal Bullet Journal Setup 2018

  1. These are so cool; you can definitely express your own creativity with each clean slate/page. However, I’m more of a lined paper kind of girl. LOL these defff make me want to bring out all of my gel pens though………..


  2. Thanks for this post! I actually heard of/saw bullet journal a while ago but they were always se decorated and seemed to take so much time to do that I never tried. Seeing yours that is so simple yet elegant made me give it a go and so far I love it 😊 I love the liberty that it gives so if I ever have the time/want to try to make it a bit fancy I can, and I like the fact that it’s ok if it’s not perfect (I don’t know why I used to put so much pressure on a planner that’s only for my eyes, like if it’s not perfect then might as well not do it 😒)


    1. So glad you found this helpful Valerie! Yeah I totally agree – the beautifully designed journals are so nice to look at but in the end can be so discouraging. Would love to see photos of your spread!


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