How I Became A Morning Person Without Waking Up Early

5 am? That’s gonna be a NO from me.

No matter how hard I’ve tried over the years, I’ve failed at becoming a “morning person”.  The missing piece of the puzzle for me was a consistent evening routine. While packing my bags, setting out my clothes, and preparing breakfast the night before were great places to start, there’s more to it than being prepared to just jump out of bed and rush out the door.

It’s less about waking up at before the sun, and more about feeling energized and well-rested in the morning.


We all have the alarm to wake us up in the morning, but what about one to tell us to go to bed? If you find yourself settling down for bed and scrolling and before you know it…2 hours have gone by? Or maybe you’re just caught up in whatever your doing and lose track of time. An hour before your ideal bedtime, set an alarm to remind your self to stop, drop, and roll into bed.


Don’t give yourself another reason to make it harder to get up in the morning. I’ve changed my alarm sounds to one of my favourite songs, which makes getting up in the morning a little more pleasant than the standard alarm sound.


I’m not going to tell you to “unplug” an hour before bed because most days that doesn’t even happen for me. If you’re not going to put away your devices, what you CAN do: turn off your overhead lights and opt for lamps with warmer lightbulbs, candles, or a salt lamp.

Blue light filters are EVERYTHING. If you’re not unplugging it’ll at least protect your eyes from the harsh blue light and it’ll let your brain know it’s nearly time for bed. For Android users, you can download an app called bluelight filter. For laptops, f.lux is a life saver. On iphone, you can put on night mode but if you find that still too bright, here’s a quick fix.

Go into your settings, General, Accessibility, Display Accomodations, and then turn Reduce White Point on.

If you can’t get to sleep without complete darkness, invest in a sleep mask or some blackout curtains.



Basically just do anything that doesn’t require too much brain power. I personally like to write in my journal or use my bullet journal to plan the week out since my mind starts racing the second my head hits the pillow. I also like reading a book before bed because 90% of the time I read books I start falling asleep anyways. If all else fails, I use a mindfulness app to help lull me to sleep.


When it comes to sleep, creating a relaxing environment is key. Get as cozy as you possibly can. For me, that means TONS of pillows, soft blankets, and a good mattress. We spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping, so why not make it as comfortable as possible? I’m so thankful that Casper recently hooked me up with a new mattress, sheets, and pillows because I’ve been waking up SO refreshed and back/neck-pain-free.


Before this, I was sleeping on a mattress that was several years old and using pillows that were on their last legs. And let me tell you, it seriously does make a difference. If you’re due to switch up your sleep setup soon, you can get  $75CAD off your Casper mattress using my code JOCELYNNE75 until 1/1/2019.


Lavender is one of my favourite relaxing scents. I’ve tried everything from  sleep supplements to pulling all nighters to make myself get to bed early the next day. A consistent evening routine topped off with all lavender everything is sure to give me a good night’s sleep. I really like diffusing lavender essential oil in my diffuser, spritzing my pillow with a DIY lavender spray, and using the Saje Sleep Well roll-on.

If you’re struggling with getting up in the morning, I would prioritize an evening routine over a morning routine first. What’s your favourite way to wind down at the end of the day?


7 thoughts on “How I Became A Morning Person Without Waking Up Early

  1. I so need to follow your tips! My college-age daughter is living with me and she stays up til 3 am regularly, so I’m definitely living the night owl life. 🙂 I feel like I’d accomplish so much more by waking up earlier.

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