Favourite Mindfulness Apps + 3 Ways To Practice Mindfulness Outside of Meditation

Sundays are all about taking it slow, then Monday morning rolls around and all of a sudden everyone loses their chill. In the grand scheme of things, Mondays really aren’t that bad. I’ve partnered with Freshii* this week to share how I incorporate mindfulness to make Mondays great again.

1523577701887THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT.

Even if you think meditation isn’t for you, don’t knock it ’til you try it. My favourite time and place to meditate is actually on public transit. I love the Calm app and have been using it for years. Their “breathe bubble” feature is my favourite when I’m out and about, but I also really enjoy their short guided meditations before bed.

Another app I like is Headspace. It’s perfect for absolute beginners and uses short videos and guided sessions to make meditation less intimidating.



Newsflash: multitasking isn’t really a thing. Constantly switching from one task to another can actually be counterproductive and overwhelming. I’ll be the first to admit that I used to wear my ability to ‘multitask’ like a badge of honour, but I’ve realized that it’s literally the recipe for a stressful workflow.

Focusing on one task is such an easy way to practice mindfulness, yet somehow these days it’s hard not to react to incoming notifications. I started by turning off social media notifications to eliminate the need to divert my attention, and I haven’t turned my notifications on since.

Even when it comes to non-work related tasks like watching a show or eating a meal, I find that even the slightest distraction (i.e. being on my phone) takes away from the whole experience.


Mindful and intuitive eating isn’t just about which foods you choose, but also how you eat. Freshii is one of my favourite “fast food” options on days I don’t pack a lunch for work because I know it’ll keep me energized until home time. Lunch breaks never feel long enough. I feel like I’m racing against time to grab my food, eat it, and look at all the memes on Instagram. Actually…almost every meal for me is like that.

A #MindFULLMonday challenge for myself and for you: enjoy a nourishing meal with no distractions. No memes, no Netflix, no YouTube. Just you, yourself, and your food. The Buddha’s Satay bowl from Freshii makes eating the rainbow a no-brainer, and the spicy peanut sauce just ties it all together. It’s so good you probably won’t want anything to distract you from it anyways.


Let’s be real, most of the time I still struggle with staying focused on one thing and eating a meal without some sort of distraction…but my journalling and skincare routine are always the non-negotiable parts of incorporating mindfulness into my day even though they take the shortest amount of time. Even if you’re not into skincare or journalling, I think the most important thing about a #MindFULLMonday is finding the small enjoyable moments where you can be fully present.

How do you live your #MindFULLMonday?

*This post is sponsored by Freshii. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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